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Evergreen Line Public Art Burquitlam Station
Coquitlam, BC, Canada


Burquitlam: Between & Beyond is a suspended sculpture in reclaimed metals and polycarbonate.  For a community historically referred to as “a place in between” on the North Road from New Westminster to Port Moody, an explosion of development is taking shape. Between acknowledges the history of a community settled in the 1800’s on a road well traveled. Beyond signifies a community transformed--- connected by rapid transit.

The overall design consists of seven large orbs connected to each other in a configuration where a cluster of five (Between) is bookended by two single orbs (Beyond).  Conceptual details related to the design of each orb are inspired by the Transit Orientated Development Strategy, an urban design model that promotes public transit, foot and bicycle traffic over the automobile. The framework of each orb is constructed using twelve bicycle rims.  Within this framework is a smaller orb that supports a multi-layered assemblage of mechanical works: bicycle components on the outer layers (symbolizing human powered transportation); and automobile parts towards the center (framing the historical context).  Weaving in and around the internal assemblage is an array of copper wire, relating to the hydro-generated electricity that powers the train. And finally, each bicycle rim of the external framework is covered by a sheet of clear polycarbonate.  This not only seals each orb, but the reflection it provides will capture the motion of the sky-train users, bringing foot traffic into the model.

This was a very technically demanding project, and there were many parties involved that made it all happen.  I would like to thank Project Manager--- Lynne Werker, the City of Coquitlam, the province of BC, Translink, Flynn Companies, SNC Lavalin, RJC Engineers, Don Willems of Effistruc Consulting, Our Community Bikes, Kaslo Building Supplies, True Blue Hardware and last (but not least) the incredible patience and support of my fine family---Arin Fay, Morgan & Eli.



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